Reopening business shopping malls ... A lot of mold in your wallet ... Covid19

There is a hot and humid Malaysia !!

MThe shop was closed in CO for more than 50 days,When the business resumed, lots of mold spots adhered to the leather bags and chairs at the store.

The store clerk is likely to be overwhelmed by the work of removing and disinfecting the mold on the product.

I think that it is a movie theater that is being held, but something like a chair is moldy? ? It's been amazing. Of course, you have to clean it and disinfect it.

At the shopping mall on Tix Island, the owner of travel goods and winter clothes

He said it could have been due to humidity.

"The temperature of the shopping mall is kept by the air conditioning. When the cool temperature suddenly rises, the humidity may increase.

“It causes a rapid increase in water vapor in the surrounding air, increasing the likelihood of mold development.”

A travel and winter store owner said some wallets, leather backpacks and handbags were moldy.

“The product is less attractive, but it doesn't affect functionality.

The solution is to use a small amount of oil and remove the mold with a clean cloth to polish it, "said the owner.

Sure, it doesn't affect the functionality ... but I'm likely to hesitate to buy it when I see this photo. ..

Even in movie theaters, a large amount of mold is occurring in the seats. ..

Certainly, when I leave home for a long time, I often hear this phenomenon in low-rise condos and houses. There is a hot and humid climate in Malaysia.

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