Penang's first Coronavirus Tesco toilet paper sold out! Infected person

Well, even in Penang, toilet paper will disappear from the store

I didn't think at all, and after a roll, I went to Tesco this morning.

There is no toilet paper on the shelf. . . .

there were! When

When you think

It was kitchen paper.

In Penang, yesterday? One case of the coronavirus was just announced.

In response, more people would run to stock up on the necessities of life that would not rot.

The impression that preserved foods such as canned foods have few residuals was given.

One roll of toilet paper is definitely bad. . To another shop

I was able to buy one bag at another store.

On SNN in Japan,

"With a maskToilet PaperThe raw materials are the same. "Toilet PaperWill be gone in the future. "

"Toilet PaperTheHoardingKeep it "

It seems that the spread of hoaxes has led to shortages

George Town News: Penang has announced the first case of Covid-19 positives.

The state health director has called for frequent use of hand washing and disinfectants with sufficient soap.

"If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, go to the nearest clinic or hospital immediately.

They also announced that they should avoid crowded and crowded places.

One of Bayola Lepas' Motorola engineers responded to a positive coronavirus reaction.

"As a safety measure, all employees and close contacts will be at home for the next two weeks."

The man attended a wedding a few days ago in Kuala Lumpur, where he had a Covid-19 patient and was in close contact? Community-acquired? It is believed to have been done.

The factory here seems to have hundreds of employees. No details are given, such as how many people have been in close contact with this man, but I hope that the factory is not infected throughout the city. .

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