Truths and merit demerits taught by Malaysian migrants Eating out is expensive! A kidnapping incident occurred in an apartment

I think there are many people who are thinking about moving overseas.

So here are some of the benefits of moving to Malaysia.

Malaysia, a country just below the equator

It can be said that it is merit that you can spend your retirement in a warm climate ...

Recommended for traveling to Malaysia List of things you definitely want to bring in Malaysia

Malaysia Food prices

Prices in Malaysia vary depending on the city.

Of course, in the capital Kuala Lumpur

Prices are high compared to other cities.

Famous as a resort

Penang Island, Langkawi and Johor Bahru are more expensive than Kuala Lumpur in terms of food, dating and entertainment.

Even if you thinkcheapYou can say

Malaysia Apartment Land Prices

Malaysia is currently undergoing construction rushes.

No matter where you look around, noise is a big problem in construction and construction.

Now, the land price in Malaysia,

Kuala Lumpur and Penang do not seem to change much.

That's surprising.

Kuala Lumpur is an urban area, so the land price is also high,

Penang is covered with an island and there are many resort areas.

Penang Island unexpectedlyLand prices are high.

Of course, Kuala Lumpur, Penang Island, Johor Bahru

If you do not choose a place, there are many cheap apartments and apartments.

However, if you are thinking about security, you want to avoid such a place.

Malaysia Dining out

Speaking of Malaysia, here is a local hawker.

Noodles can be eaten from 100 to 150.

Really cheap! ! !

When I just moved, I thought heaven ~

I want to eat it every day! ! I thought the gourmet was ugly.


If you live for a long time, you really get tired of that taste.

every day

3 meals I think that is hard every day.

Meals in a shopping mall,

For example, Japanese restaurants

Is it about the same as a restaurant chain restaurant in Japan?

Tonkatsu set meal is about 900 to 1200

It ’s about the same.

Other Chinese food prices are the same as in Japan.

So it ’s super cheap at a stall hawker,

Dining out at the restaurant

You can think of it as Japan.

Malaysia Security / Safety

There are many cases of fire in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur such as murder cases.

Malaysia is for self-defense

I can have a gun.

The screening seems to be quite strict.

Security around me

Most people live in Condo.

But even in such places, thieves come in from the outside,

Also, the resident may be a thief or a murderer.

In fact, in 2018,

There are Japanese mothers and children who were attacked by residents.

Click here for articles about mother and child

I lived unfortunately, but it has been treated as an attempted kidnapping.

Malaysia No earthquake or typhoon

There are many earthquakes in Japan.

There is almost no earthquake here in Malaysia.

Whether a typhoon comes once a year.

However, squall is intense during the rainy season.

Thunder strike rate World worst one

Country of

This is Maresia

There is a way to work legally with an MM2H visa in Malaysia!

Solutions for learning Japanese that trouble overseas residents

Bali massage is highly praised by expatriates in Penang Island

Bali massage is highly praised by expatriates in Penang Island

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