Malaysian regulations have been relaxed announced! Impatience from an economic blow?

Malaysia announces deregulation from May 5I did.

Announced to allow resumption of economic and social activities

However, until a while ago, the blockade will continue until the safety of the Malaysian people can be confirmed.

I was saying ...

Come here malaysiaI'm in a hurry?I'm impatientAm I the only one who gets the impression?

Do you feel a lot of pressure considering the economic impact ...

Stress in my life as a childJust before the limitwas,

Somewhere in my heart I was waiting for the day to unlock

In fact, looking at today's mitigation news,AnxiousIs winning.

Even if the MCO is eased, I basically want to avoid shopping malls and crowded places.

Penang Island worries about rising crime rate

Foreign workers lose their jobs, and for financial reasons, there are cases such as pickpockets and robbery

No, two days ago, there was a thief in the condo ...


May 5 Prime Minister Muhyiddin on TV,

Malaysia's COVID-19, which is on a downward trend, announced that it will relax regulations and allow most economic and social activities to resume.

He then stated that the decision was made based on his success in controlling the outbreak of COVID-19.

Al-Muhididin can resume work as usual on almost all business and economic sectors from May 5, but must comply with other rules such as social distance social distance and wearing face masks. Said.

Prime Minister Muhydidin does not recommend eating at restaurants, but when eating, be sure to keep a temperature of 2 meters and thoroughly check the temperature when entering the store and hand sterilization.

Personally, I don't go to restaurants for a while, but maybe delivery and takeout.

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