GACKT talks about the blockade situation in Malaysia! Video direct hit! Shinso Sakagami

Broadcast in Japan on April 2020, 4

Direct hit! Shinsou Sakagami [new corona live broadcast! GACKT raw phone from city blockade Malaysia]

Emergency live broadcastGACKTAnd Hitoshi Tsuji will be a YouTube video featured on a videophone.

GACKT reported on the current state of Kuala Lumpur, a city in Kuala Lumpur that is currently restricted to staying in Malaysia.

Direct hit! Shinsou Sakagami April 2020, 4 [New Corona Live Broadcast! GACKT raw phone from city blockade Malaysia]

GACKT explained in an interview about this situation in Japan
"I'm crazy if I can say it in any language."
that's what he said.

Excerpts from comments.

Well, if you don't have to choose a word, you're crazy. Pretty.

So is the lack of a sense of crisis, the world is the same in New York, Italy, and there are many countries that are under control.

"If you go as it is (and Japan will do so)," you can see from everyone's eyes. Well, even if it's not XNUMX%, there's a good chance that it will happen in the surrounding countries.

If you think so, for example, my colleagues living abroad will contact me, "Is Japan really OK?"

I was impressed by GACKT's high awareness and ability to see through the essence.

Was found.

In this way, influential people like Gakuto can broadcast on TV,

I want people without a sense of crisis to reach me

Many people around the world have lost important families and relatives due to coronavirus in the short period of this month,

There are many people all over the world who are struggling with such deep sadness.

It is late to regret. Now, now, your actions can save the people around you

Become! !

Let's do our best, Japanese people! !

I'm always living with my child at home, but I have to do it

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