Penang News, Typhoon direct hit! The awesomeness of the video! 2019 year 8 month 9 day

Typhoon on Penang Island on 2019 month 8 year of 9

I did not check the Malaysian news frequently.

The day after the 8 month 9 day when the storm occurred, I learned for the first time that the storm of yesterday was a typhoon!

Because of thatPenangThe inside tree is broken, falls off the root, and the signboard collapses
I saw the typhoon of yesterday when I saw it.

Due to the heavy rain and strong winds caused by this typhoon, Penang Airport was also confused.
Flight delays affected more than 1,000 passengers, however

Of the canceled flights, 300 passengers seem to have been offered overnight accommodation by the airline.

Did 700 people spend the night at the airport ...

This large and very strongTyphoon is10 in the early morningChugokuIt seems to have landed in Zhejiang Province along the coast.
typhoonA heavy rain caused by landslides and debris flows killed 18 people,14 people were missing.

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