Kuala Lumpur Robbery Case Shoot at the supermarket in a robbery case! Kuchai Lama

In Penang, a burglar broke into a private house last month.

To the police

The police fired because they swung the sword

There was an incident where three people died.

But this is Kuala Lumpur Kuchai Lama

Jewelry store.

If you shoot in the market and think you hit a bullet

It ’s a terrifying incident with really heavy hair.

What's more, this jewelery store just had a robbery last year,

You should strengthen security

On the afternoon of November 20th in Malaysia, an incident occurred in which a gang of six robbers entered the jewelry store “NSK” residing in the hypermarket of Kuchai Lama, KL, and took away precious metal goods. A rushed police officer shoots at the robbers and shoots five people, arresting one.
According to a police announcement, around 4:30 pm, five robbers with handguns and axes entered the store. Upon receiving the report, the police immediately rushed to the scene, shot against five robbers who resisted, and shot them all. A policeman received a bullet on his knee and was transported to the hospital. The sixth robber fled as much as 400 meters but was arrested.
The police seized 2 pistols, 1 axe, 1 sword, and 2 passenger cars. “NSK” was robbed last year, and this time it was the second damage.

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