Penang Island It is cheap with popular beauty salon, dirt of pores, whitening scrub, coupon! Reputable esthetician! prima tanjung

There are many spa salons and beauty salons in Penang Island, Malaysia.

There is a massage salon.

Here is my recommendation.

PrimatanjungIt is in

More than 10 yearsBeauty salon called IDENTITY.

We have continued to produce results with reliable technology and services.

There are many Japanese customers.

It is a salon that you want you to feel with your own skin.

One press! Facial massage

This facial is

total1 half hour courseIt will be.

Click here for the basic flow

Counseling →

Cleansing massage →

Face washing →

Scrub massage →

Ultrasonic peeling machine →

Cleans the pores of the face that cleans pores

Removes meUltrasonic peeling machineCarefully using

I will remove the skin.

Osmosis hydration mask →

Hot steamer →

Hand massage →

Nose blackhead (Black head) Care →

Eye treatment / collagen introduction machine (optional) →

Back / neck oil massage

(You can choose either lemongrass oil or lavender oil) →

→ Eye sheet (optional) →

Peeling type pores tightening mask

End ~


This course is

1 hours and half



If you look at this site, it will be the above fee, so be sure

Please show me.

* Don't forget to make a reservation!

Impression that received treatment

Gently removes dirt and pores that have accumulated in the daily life

Facial scrub.

It is healed by a very good citrus scent.

After moving to Penang, the skin quality that was originally dry skin changed,

t zone is oily skin, other is dry skin

I got mixed skin.

We used Clay Pack for 1 / 2 every week to care

I intended.


From this esthetician, the dirt on the pores is severe

You can't take it all in once! !

What a shock ...

I was told.

After the treatment, the pores were almost clean.

I was very happy with it.

Nose, cheeks, small bumps and roughness under the chin

It became beautiful! !

Esthetician sister's handMassage technology is high and

It is a smiling and friendly sister.

Finally, the aroma massage on the decollete line, shoulders and back

Healed so much, it was a dreamy dream.

Esthetics you can get at an affordable price!

This is a store that you should try once.

thisMatsueku's reputation is very high here


This beauty salon is

Prima tanjung

It is in


It is exactly opposite to the side facing the road.





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