Beauty Situation Penang Island Eyelash Perm (Matsupa) Beauty Salon is here! Recommended by Prima Tanjung

There are many beauty salons and nail salons on Penang Island.
Moreover, it is relatively cheap compared to Japan, and it is nice to be able to receive it.
Resident wife and migrants also give pinek massage to the nail once a month
Some people have fun.
here we have,Eyelash permHere are some of the best shops.
The place is in PrimatanjungBeauty Salon

Located in a small beauty salon in Primatanjung.

It is basically a salon where an esthetician sister goes alone.

Two beds, white interior,

A relaxing and clean salon with a relaxed atmosphere!

here we have,Good reputation for eyelash perm.

If you can save a little time in your daily makeup! I think.

Use a bullercurlCumbersome to do,

Eyelash permSave time and effort by doing

This is in PrimatanjungBeauty Salon

It seems to be a sample photo of

You are curled neatly.

It also leads to eyelid lift-up.

This salonThere is also a menu of eyelash extensions (Matsuekku)

Click here for details of eyelash extensions


Eyelash perm fee

RM85→ RM50

It seems to become RM50 by coupon presentation.

Eyelash extensionEyelash perm? Which one

Everyone with eyelash extensionsEyelash perm? Which is better ...

I think many people are worried.

Good point of eyelash perm, first, after applying the eyelash perm!

No need for maintenance.

However, Matsuek is recommended for those who have short or short eyelashes.

What about Pinek?

Eyelash extensions are artificially attached to the eyelashes with an adhesive.

It has a characteristic that it is vulnerable to oil, so cleansing

There are many things to be aware of in the daily life of S.

I can say that.

Matsuek's eyes are more gorgeous and improve your eyesight! However

The eyelash perm can be said to be easy to clean.

How about the price comparison ...

The eyelash perm is cheaper.

You can save hours and minutes by using the burler every morning,
Even if it's a nodding, it has an eye-catching and is more attractive.


This eyelash perm beauty salon

Prima tanjung

It is in

This is an area that contains a CIMB bank and many beauty salons.

There is also a big hawker.

Facial whitening and pore beauty treatment are also very popular.





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 Men are welcome. Authentic oil massage coupon ticket with Georgetown transfer

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Madonna! The popular anti-aging high-concentration oxygen esthetics are cheap 1600 yen!

 Beauty salon where you can do henna art and velvet hair removal in India

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 Facial beauty salon that works for stains and dullness is an 1500 yen !!!

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