Penang education migration and tuition is cheap! Wesley International School Weangley Methodist School Penang

From 2018 month

Newly established on Penang Island, Malaysia


Wesley International School WMS Penang

Wesley Methodist School Penang (International) 's

The school here is in Kuala Lumpur,

Rumored international school that has a reputation for academic work


In the Wesley interview,

Acceptable from 4 to 16

Primary School

From Year 1

Year 6


Secondary School

Year7 to Year 11,


Curriculum is Cambridge

Cambridge International General Certificate

In Year 12 to Year 13,

A-Levels can be obtained

2 language can be acquired

At Wesley International School, English is

Of course you can get the second 2 language,

Chinese and Malay classes from 4


enrollment fee

Non-refundable payment only for 1 degree

Reception & Pre-School RM 200 per application
Primary School RM 400 per application
Secondary School RM 500 per application

Foreign Student add RM 1000 per applicant per level

Registration fee Non-refundable Payment only for 1 degree

Reception RM 500 per student
Pre-School RM 1000 per student
Primary School RM 1200 per student
Secondary School RM 1500 per student

Foreign Student add RM 1000 per student per level
Fast Track Program as per Schedule per student
* Admission fee and registration fee for local students and foreigners

Seems to be different.

Tuition fee 2 students 9 and 3 months

Reception RM 3000 per student per payment
Pre-School RM 4800 per student per payment
Year 1 to 3 RM 6000 per student per payment
Year 4 to 6 RM 7000 per student per payment
Year 7 to 9 RM 8400 per student per payment

Fast Track Program Year 5 to 6 RM10000 per student (one time)
Fast Track Program Year 7 RM12000 per student (one time)

Foreign Student add 10% per student per term per level per payment

Here again, 10% tuition is added for foreigners.

Note: This school is a 2 student, so for example

For YEAR1 children

The 1 period is 6000 x 2 = RM12000.

When calculated with RM30 yen, it will be 360000 yen annually.

Year 1 to 3 RM 6000 per student per payment

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Compared to other schools in Penang, the tuition is quite cheap.

It seems that other uniforms and facility fees are required.


This school has just been newly established,

There is no word of mouth information,

In Kuala Lumpur, it looks like a well-known school.

This is an international school with many local students.

Even if tuition is kept fairly cheap,

The teacher may also be made up of Malaysians.


I think it is relatively close to the Japanese school area.

If you live near Gurney Plaza, it will take about 20 minutes

Pick-up will be possible.

Wesley Methodist School Penang (International)
1, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 1,
11600 Pulau Pinang.

PHONE: + 6012-3611400 / + 6012-5532055

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