Malaysia Sightseeing Snatching and theft damage Bags backpack? Shoulder bag? Waist pouch

I think there are many people who choose Malaysia for overseas travel.

Recently, LCC cheap flights AirAsia also

It operates daily from Tokyo Haneda, and compared to before

You can feel free!

If you were looking at the wisdom bag the other day, who is asking this question?

Bags for sightseeing

Backpack or shoulder bag!

I'm a resident so I can teach you! !


The most notable thing when walking around town or sightseeing

It is empty-handed.

However, it is a difficult story for women ...

Shoulder bag

I always have a shoulder bag with a diagonal chuck.

Because it is easy to be targeted at tourist attractions, always hold the bag in front of you!

Consciousness is always in the bag!

There is an incident that is snatched by road bikes, so you need to be careful.

Ruck sack

I can't see the back, so I can open the chuck from behind

It may fit theft.

If you want a backpack, like a small shoulder bag or waist pouch

It is recommended to have a separate bag for valuables.

In addition,

With a backpack,

I want to put out something

The difficulty of having to unpack the backpack every time

I'm wondering whether to use a backpack or a shoulder bag when walking around the city.

I don't have a shoulder bag with a zipper,

I think I should have it before, but is it bothersome and funny?

What about the security of Penang Island? Is it dangerous if you don't always take care of pickpockets?

Since this is my first overseas trip, please let me know if you have any other security measures!

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